Blackjack Surrender


Blackjack Surrender is a variation of Blackjack with a nifty opportunity to minimize losses early in the game, protecting yourself from further unfavorable odds. The main peculiarity of the game is ability to abandon your hand against certain dealer combinations. The benefit lies in receiving half of your initial bet back instead of losing it. If you use the surrender option in a smart way, you can cut possible losses considerably, although being too cautious is not always the wisest decision.


In Blackjack Surrender, player’s goal is to have a hand with points value closer to 21 points than the Dealer’s without exceeding 21 or by the Dealer’s hand going over 21 (“bust”).


8 decks are used, 52 cards each. Cards are shuffled after each round.

The value of a hand is the sum of points of each card in the hand. Card values are as follows:

How To Bet

To: Tip:
Select bet size Click on the selected value chip at the bottom of the table
Place your bet Click on betting field to place chip of selected value there
Increase your bet Every click on the betting field adds one chip of the selected value to existing bet
Remove your bet Choose the X-chip option and CLICK on the betting field
Play again Click NEW GAME after the game is completed to place bets differently
Repeat your bet Click REBET to place the same amount and value of bets as in the previous round

Betting Limits

Min/Max table displays minimum and maximum amount that can be placed on each betting field.


Player can bet on up to three hands, placing chips on the left, central and right betting boxes. After placing bets, click DEAL to start dealing cards. Both the Player and the Dealer are dealt two cards. Player has his cards dealt face up, the Dealer – one card face down, the other one – face up. In case of multiple hands, each hand will be played separately against the Dealer.

Check for Blackjack

In case the Dealer’s face-up card is 10, King, Queen, Jack or Ace, the Dealer checks for Blackjack:

Game flow

You then have one of the following options during the game:

Note: When splitting a pair of Aces, you are only allowed to draw one additional card for each Ace. If you draw a ten-valued card on one of the split Aces, your hand is not considered to be a Blackjack, it will be treated as a normal 21.

Dealer’s Hand

The Dealer starts playing her hand once all the player’s hands are completed. The Dealer stands on 17.

Game Outcomes

Result Payoff
Winning Hand 1 to 1
Blackjack 3 to 2
Tie hands Push
Surrendered bet 1/2 of initial bet

Malfunction voids all plays and pays!

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