NaSCasino Bitcoin Treasure Hunt

NaSCasino is running an exciting bitcoin treasure hunt. Participants in the bitcoin treasure hunt are invited to find 3 digital bitcoins virtually hidden across the globe. The respective locations of the coins need to be deduced from 3 visual clues. All 3 bitcoins are required to solve this puzzle in order to unlock the 1BTC Physical Bitcoin from its Vault.

You require a password/code of 9 charachters - x x x x x x x x x -

Help each other to solve the puzzle and join the discussion on

Updates & Tips

(19/03/2015): The treasure hunt has been WON by BitcoinTalk user “Azure”.

(04/03/2015): “you want to throw this answer in the bin - clue”

(27/02/2015): “read through steveturk’s responses on BitcoinTalk carefully and remember, each clue in the image, is related, invite others to the forum thread to shed more light”

Location 1

Location 2

Location 3

How do I claim the 1BTC Physical bitcoin?

Bitcoin Treasure Hunters can claim the 1BTC Physical Bitcoin by providing the solution on the public bitcointalk forum on this thread - Click Here

Who is in possession of the physical coin?

The physical bitcoin which will go to the 1st Treasure Hunter to solve the puzzle, is currently locked in an electronic vault on the Isle of Man where TGBEX are based. The coin which was produced by TGBEX will be shipped to the lucky Treasure Hunter who knows how to open the vault, via courier, and of course free of charge. If for some bizarre reason you do not want the coin, you can opt to receive 1BTC electronically to the wallet of your choice. Physical bitcoins in various denominations can be bought from TGBEX on their website.

Terms & Conditions

*Your username and your nickname needs to be identical *To CLAIM the 1BTC TGBEX Physical Bitcoin, a Treasure Hunter needs to be an active member of (Active member means you have signed up, made a minimum of 0.001BTC deposit and have placed at least 1 bet of 0.00001BTC). *The treasure hunt does not have a specific end date, whomever finds the 1BTC physical bitcoin first gets to keep it.