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Don’t like waiting for commission payments?

Our affiliates are our partners and we work hard to make sure your bitcoin payments are made promtply. No more bank excuses, Just settlemnts. Your accurate online stats are updated daily. We send payments religiously on the 5th of each month for the previous month. We have never missed a single payment and have an impeccable industry reputation to uphold.

Our focus is to gain market share and brand recognition. We understand that marketing is the most important investment of a successful brand which is why we are passing the bulk of our revenues on to our affiliates.

When a player creates an account with us referred from one of our affiliates, this player is then linked to this affiliate for his or her playing lifetime.

If this player only makes one deposit a year, the percentage of nett win, is still added to the referring affiliate’s account, regardless of any time period. This provides a great, steady income opportunity for all webmasters and social media marketing entrpreneurs.


In general, there are two commission strategies (or payment schemes) for paying the affiliates:

**Revenue Share

The affiliate gets a percentage of the casino’s net revenue from players invited by him/her. Net revenue is defined as [Total bets] – [Total win] – [Bonuses Issued].Example: George is an affiliate with a 15% revenue commission. Players invited by him wagered XBT1,000 in total and collectively won XBT600. Also, a XBT200 worth of bonuses was issued to them. George will get:(XBT1000 – XBT600 – XBT200) x 15% = XBT30.

**CPA or “Cost per Acquisition”

i.e. a fixed amount is paid to the affiliate after a new invited player has wagered a certain amount of money. Example: Jack is an affiliate with a $20 CPA reward paid to him after an invited player wagers $300. Suppose he has invited two players: Ann and Ben. At the end of the month Ann wagered XBT290 and Ben wagered XBT310. Jack will get: XBT20 for Ben.

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