Jacks or Better

Video poker games were introduced to casinos in the late 1970s. It started from the USA, later spread to Europe and across the globe. In the 80s video poker slots became some the most popular machines with casino gamblers. Nowadays, video poker machines can occupy 50% or even more of the slot games floor space. Playing video poker combines private experience of slot machines, while also letting players work out own strategy and utilize their skills in 5 card draw poker. The lowest winning hand in the game are is a pair of Jacks.

Player starts with choosing the parameters of the initial bet. Player can use + and - controls to choose their preferred amount of Hands to be dealt in one round, Coin Value for each coin to have, Coin amount which results in Total Bet amount being displayed in respective windows. The payout table will list the range of winning combinations and how big the respective payout is. After the bet amount is set, player clicks Deal so the machine would deal a hand of five cards. After that, the player is given the opportunity to discard one or more in exchange for new cards from the same deck. Player clicks on the cards they would like to keep according to chosen strategy and hits Draw once done. New cards will be drawn to replace he cards that are not marked for keeping. Payout will be credited if the hand matches any of the combinations listed on the payout table.

After the initial payout, player is presented with option to either Double the win, Double Half and collect the remaining half or Collect the win in full. If player opts to gamble with half or entire win, one card is dealt face up and further four cards are dealt face down. Player has to guess which one of the face down cards has higher card denomination than the face up card. If player clicks on a card of lower denomination, bet is lost. If card is of equal denomination, play results in a push. If they select a card of higher denomination, wagered amount doubles and the second and final opportunity to Double or Double Half is presented.

Malfunction voids all plays and pays!

The Game Rules as published on this website are in English. Translations into other languages are provided as a service in good faith. In the event of ambiguity between an English version and a translation, the English version always retains priority.