Trey Poker

Player clicks on chips of selected denomination and then on Ante and/or PairUp field(s) to start the game.

Regardless of the bet placed, player will get a hand consisting of three cards. If only the “Pair Up” bet is placed, it will instantly be determined whether the bet have won or lost. On the other hand, Ante was also placed,player will have to make the call in order for the dealer to open up their cards. Player has option to fold and move on to the next hand if they believe chances to beat dealer’s hand are low.

Qualifying Dealers Hand

Similarly to most casino poker games, in Trey Poker dealer’s hand needs to qualify for payout. In order for player to earn a payout on the “Call” bets, dealer’s hand should be at least Queen high or better.

If Dealer Does not Qualify

In Trey Poker, if the dealers hand does not qualify, Player is paid an even money payout on “Ante” bet, while “Call” bet will be considered a “tie”.

Hand Values

With only three cards dealt to make a hand combination with, they are valued a bit differently. Straight pays out more than flush. And three of a kind pays our more than both straight and flush.


There are two separate paytables for each of the two bet types:

Pair Up Bet

Hand Payout
Royal Flush 100:1
Straight flush 50:1
3 of a kind 40:1
Straight 5:1
Flush 3:1
Pair 1:1

Ante/Play Bet

Player will automatically earn an even money payout on both “Ante” and “Call” bets if the dealers hand qualifies. The following bonus payouts are paid on top for qualifying hands as follows.

Malfunction voids all plays and pays!

The Game Rules as published on this website are in English. Translations into other languages are provided as a service in good faith. In the event of ambiguity between an English version and a translation, the English version always retains priority.